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Hello to IdentifyFossils!!

Welcome back, FossilWeb Members! Notice that the name of the site has changed to IdentifyFossils.com. I think this new name says a little more about what we are about than FossilWeb.com. If you had an account at FossilWeb it should still work fine. If you need help, you can reach me at Ed@IdentifyFossils.com. Happy Hunting!

IDENTIFY. Get a user name and password and join the fun! There is no cost for any part of IdentifyFossils, so don't be shy. Now you can submit photos of your fossils to be identified. Other members will look at your photos and tell you what you've found.

EXPLORE other websites and resources where you can learn more about your fossil finds. The Links page is a great place to start.

SHARE. Now that you know what you've found, you can add your specimen to our on-line Museum. It's easy to submit your fossils and share them with the world. All you need is digital pictures on your computer and some information about the fossils and we do the rest! Sharing your fossils this way can help others identify what they have found. It's a "circle of life" kinda thing. You can also visit the I Know! pages to help your fellow members directly.

No pressure here, but if you would like to help keep IdentifyFossils going, it would be very appreciated.

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